Surviving Epic Trials

surviving epic trials

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Life, even with its joys and surprises, can be challenging to navigate. Throw in an unexpected crisis, a devastating trauma, or chronic trial, and we can find ourselves spinning.

When life as we know it turns unrecognizable, we need a guide to help us regain our bearings and anchor our hope.

Surviving Epic Trials is an in-depth Bible study to guide you through your hardest season of life. We will walk through ten phases of a trial. As we study each phase, you will be able to:

  • Identify what phase you are in (as well as where you’ve been and what to expect ahead)
  • Learn what is at risk in each phase
  • Discover what is needed to successfully move through each phase
  • Deepen your hope
  • Strengthen your faith

Our guide is an unlikely one.  You will be re-introduced to Noah. Most of us know him for being in charge of navigating the ark through the 40-day flood. But there is so much more to his story than what you learned in Sunday School or from a Children’s Bible storybook.

We will follow the journey of Noah as he does all he can to survive his epic trial. As we study his story (found in Genesis 6-9), we will discover ten notable landmarks that occur over a 374-day period. These will provide a template for us to follow when we encounter trials of our own.

Surviving Epic Trials: 10 Lessons from the Life of Noah is guaranteed to equip you, bring clarity to your circumstances, anchor your hope, and strengthen your faith for any of life’s trials.

If you are looking for a relevant, introspective, practical Bible study to help navigate your world when it’s turned upside down, you will not be disappointed.

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