10 Things I Want You to Know

  1. There are tribal women that will nurse a piglet before their own child because the meat of the pig is considered of more value.
  2. In Cambodia, a girl my daughter’s age (11) can be sold for as little as $2.50 a round, up to ten rounds a night.
  3. The proper way to peal a banana is the non-stem side. (The stem side is the bottom of a banana.) So much easier to peel.

    Besides the cute kids, notice the banana tree- the bananas grow stem upwards.

    Besides the cute kids, notice the bananas growing stem upwards in the background.

  4. There’s a tribe in Papua that has been waiting 30 years for missionaries to come. The problem? Not enough missionaries.
  5. A family of four in Cambodia will live in a one room apartment for $40 a month for the rest of their life and not expect the world owes them anything more.
  6. On average, one western pedophile will travel halfway around the world per week looking for a child brothel in Svay Pak. (The first child’s brothel was raided just 13 years ago.)

    Overlooking Svay Pak

    Overlooking Svay Pak

  7. AIM (Agape International Mission) is doing some of the most monumental, transformative work in anti-trafficking. Everyone needs to go on their website (agapewebsite.org), learn, and then give money to them so they can keep fighting for the freedom of women and children. Like now. Then, go rent “The Pink Room” (an award winning documentary) and sacrifice an hour of your life to learn more about what’s going on in our 21st century world. (At least watch the 2 minute trailer.)
  8. Missionaries that work in the Interior willingly commit 10-15 years of living among the tribe, knowing it will take time to build relationships, learn language, translate the Bible, etc.. Translation: there’s no such thing as instant gratification people. God works in decades and He’s good with that. So, we can all just mellow out a little about our unfinished to-do lists from yesterday (eh uh, Robyn).
  9. Most girls get sold into sex trafficking by their parents to help pay off their gambling debts.
  10. Missionaries women are just like you and me. They liking wearing cute clothes from Old Navy and brands like Roxy. They try hard to schedule date nights with their hubbies (even if it’s just a walk on the airstrip with a homemade smoothie.) They watch Netflix, do Pinterest, have oodles of bottles of nail polish. At times they feel insecure about themselves, their marriages hit rocky places, they deal with depression, anxiety, and eating too much. They question God, spend too much time on social media, struggle with jealousy, and stress about money. They second guess their parenting, plan vacations, and splurge on lattes if they happen to stumble upon a Starbucks.

    Kendra, me, Melanie, baby Shiloh, and Angie. Got to stay in Dem Land with these ladies and their families.

    Kendra, me, Melanie, baby Shiloh, and Angie at the retreat. Got to stay in Dem Land with them and their families.

2 Comments on “10 Things I Want You to Know

  1. Oh my goodness Robyn. can you get me to cry anymore? my heart breaks for these girls sold into sex trafficking. We support a missionary in Myanmar who teaches in an orphanage when the girls are saved from this vial evil. My heart just breaks for them. So happy you were able to experience this life change. I’ve been reading all your posts, just don’t comment on them all. Today I was touched by your post, when you said “I cry.. a lot” so do I. And there’s nothing wrong with our hearts of flesh. xxoo


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