The Itinerary

I thought it helpful to think of my trip in segments, each carrying a different feel and need, and to keep track of the diverse experiences. If inclined, please pray for health, safety, unity, and deep connection among our team of six, for God to use us in meaningful ways, for our faith to exceed our fears, for God to speak freshly and intimately into our lives. Pray for the missionary women to experience all of this as well.  Pray for Joey, Clayton, and Maddy’s care. Pray for provision as this trip is voluntary and I will be missing three weeks worth of work. (Read below for more specifics.)

   1.  Friday, August 14th- Monday, August 17th: Travel

Depart Phoenix. Travel to Seattle, Tokyo, Jakarta, Timika, Nabire, arriving Monday morning. Roughly 28 hours of flying and 24 hours of lay overs across five flights, over 52 hours of travel. Prayer for safety, rest, make all flights, smooth transitions.

 2. Monday, August 17-Wednesday, August 19th: Nabire, Indonesia

Stay with Nathan and Becky, missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship. (Nathan is a pilot, making contact with remote tribes possible.) Complete final preparations for the retreat. Recover from jet lag. Tour MAF and their village. Pray for sweet time with Nathan and Becky, that we would bring them encouragement. Pray for healthy adjustment as we acclimate to a new culture and for the completion of details for the retreat.

3. Wednesday, August 19th-Thursday, August 20th: The Interior

Nathan will fly us in two teams of three to two separate remote villages in the jungle. We will shadow the missionaries that are currently living among the tribes, building relationships and creating language to teach them about the grace of Jesus. The only way to reach these tribes is by plane. Once dropped off, there is no leaving until Nathan returns the next day. Pray for safety, peace, courage, that there would be a great connection with the missionaries and tribal people, and that this would be a time of uncanny experience of God’s love and power.

4. Thursday, August 20-Monday, August 24: The retreat in Timika, Indonesia

Nathan will spend the day flying us and close to twenty missionary women from the interior to TImika where the retreat will take place. The location for the next four nights is a resort, formerly a Sheraton. Here, the women will be treated to many modern luxuries (air conditioning, pool, modern bathrooms, etc.) and receive personalized goody bags filled with requested foods, lotions, hair supplies, worship cd’s, journals, and much more. As a team, we will provide the ladies haircuts, manicures, pedicures, teach them basic wound care and stitching for them to better care for the tribes, counseling, coaching, Biblical teaching, debriefing, and encouragement. I will be teaching a morning and evening session, along with counseling and coaching. Pray for a deep time of refreshment, renewal, rest, and connection among the women and specifically that our team’s capacity will be sustained, that we will be able to work in our giftings, abundantly and with excellence. Pray for God to move tenderly and deeply within all of us.

  5. Monday, August 24-Tuesday, August 25: Travel

I will break off from the team and travel to Svay Pak, Cambodia. Here, I will stay with three missionary women (the Grace and Peace Gals) with whom I have been working with for the last three years via Skype. The travel will require three flights over a 24 hour period. Pray for safe travels (I will be spending the night alone in the airport with a seven hour layover in Malaysia). Also, pray that my flights will not be canceled and that they will depart and arrive on time.

6. Tuesday, August 25-Thursday, August 27: Svay Pak, Cambodia

I will spend two days in the town of Svay Pak, touring AIMS (Agape International Missions) which provides safe havens (schools, kid’s clubs, etc.) for children who are highly susceptible to sex-trade and other forms of atrocious abuse. I will stay with my friends, taking time to debrief, encourage, and connect. Pray for healthy adjustment to the different culture, rejuvenation, meaningful impact for the short time I’m there, evidence of God’s working and redeeming power.

  7. Thursday, August 27: Travel home!

I will be heading home and arriving home all in the same day (thanks to time zones)! It will take three flights with two layovers, making it about a 32 hour trip home. Pray for health and safety as I will be traveling alone, and for glitch-free flights. Pray for a smooth transition back (I will be taking a week to recover and regroup before seeing clients.)

2 Comments on “The Itinerary

  1. What an adventure you have ahead of you! I will be praying specifically over all your details during your trip. I have no doubt you and the team will be a huge blessing to the women! Will also pray for your family. I look forward to hearing about your adventures. May our awesome God bless abundantly every detail of your trip and keep you strong. Ginger “I will strengthen you and help you;I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. ” Isaiah 41:10


  2. Prayers go out for a safe and blessed trip. Know many will be blessed through you. I think Michael Stroh, former Bethany member, also works for Mission Aviation but is now in U.S.


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