The Countdown

A week from now I will be traveling across the globe, crossing from the northern to southern hemisphere. It will take five flights, and over 52 hours to reach our destination. Our team gets to sleep in these pods inside Tokyo’s airport to soften our 13+ hour layover, the first of many.

We’ll stay with Becky and Nathan who work with Mission Aviation Fellowship, supplying medical and food supplies to the tribes and missionaries living in the interior.  They are the only source of transportation in and out of the interior. Their housing compound and airport are circled in red in the pic below. (

MAF in Nabire

A few days later, Nathan will fly us into the interior where we will spend a night in the jungles of Indonesia, shadowing missionaries who pour out their lives to tribes so remote, there is no written language. Here’s a pic of a typical landing strip.

Typical landing strip to get to the interior.

Twenty-four hours later, Nathan is scheduled to pick us up and fly us to Timika, where we’ll be checking into this resort.  Our team of six will host close to twenty missionary women.  They will be treated to luxuries we have easy access to: haircuts, manicures, chocolate, massage, air conditioning. I’ll be teaching in the morning and evening sessions and offering counseling in-between.

The location for the retreat.

Four days later, I’ll break off from the team and travel to Svay Pak, Cambodia. I’ll be encourgaging three missionaries I work with that dedicate their lives to saving children from the sex trade. They helped build a school to provide a safe place for children to be during the day. (

Svay Pak.

As these few pics convey, I’ll be bouncing from extremely contrasting environments. Sensory overload. I anticipate a mix of adrenaline, anxiety, and adventure with a touch of jet lag, like that dizzy sensation I get after riding the tea cups at Disneyland on an empty stomach. One part, “I gotta sit down.” One part, “Let’s do that again!” More than anything, I know this trip will be a life-changer.

My mind is slowly catching up to the calendar and I’ve officially entered “pack mode,” careful not to pack more than 44 lbs. in the suitcase yet filling my faith a ton-fold. Many of you have asked about my itinerary and have shared you’d being praying for me and my family. I thought it helpful to spell out the trip here, for both our sakes, as the preparations are on full force. I’ll post the details tomorrow!

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